crow's nest captiva crab races

Captiva Crab Races – Don’t Miss them Before Break!

There’s just a couple more weeks of Captiva’s most exciting night entertainment — the Captiva Crab Races — before Commissioner Tim takes his well-deserved break. Crab Races, held at Crow’s Nest Bar & Grille at ‘Tween Waters will go on break August 15, 2019, and return again on October 3, 2019.

The Captiva Crab Races are held Monday and Thursday evenings, with two shows on each night, 6PM and 9PM. The 6PM show is a family-oriented show and the 9PM show doesn’t hold back any jokes for the adults.

Guests enjoy the crab races for around an hour and half worth of entertainment and selection process, while also enjoying the menu at Crow’s Nest. The races start off with selecting a crab for a specified price (usually $2-5 per crab), half of which is donated to The United Way, and the other half which is divided among the race winners. Typically, there are 20-25 tables who have a chance to select a crab for the youngsters or a couple of adults, when the Crow’s Nest is busy crab-race-goers.

After selection, people gather around the Crab Racing table while Commissioner Tim spits insults and jokes at the adults, explains his rules to keep the crabs safe, and then it is off to the races! Races are held in heats, and in the end, you’ll be surprised to learn many of the crabs make it to the final race for a chance to win the pot.

Be prepared for insults and comedy. Commissioner Tim is known for his salty personality and stringent rules. But also, be prepared for a great time. Identify with other guests by location, gain camaraderie, and learn how to play a kazoo. What is known is the zaniest and craziest thing you’ll ever witness, is sure to be a memorable experience for all!

INNSIDER TIP: Be sure to come early when the Crow’s Nest Opens to get a seat at the table and first pick at the crabs. Late comers on busy days are known to miss out on picking a crab but can still watch the show and enjoy!